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No more time wasted in traffic!

It is estimated that the average person spends two years waiting in lines and queues throughout their lifetime.


The 2019 Urban Mobility Report found that commuters waste no less than an average of 54 hours per year stalled in traffic.


We have the solution to make traffic congestion a thing of the past.

Your #1 Traffic Management Solution 

Our solution is simple, logical and holistic, and like no other in the market. 


Unlike most other traffic management systems our solution is proactive rather than reactive.

User involvement

Drivers must be part of creating the solution which is in line with what we all want; to be in the drivers seat of our daily schedules.

Low CO2 footprint

The most CO2 friendly way of managing congestion and queues - no construction and concrete:


How it works

For the end user

Create an account. Book your time slot on the road. When you get an OK to your booking, the road is all yours - no queuing, no waiting. How is that possible? Because there will never be allotted more vehicles to a route than the capacity.

For the operator

The team of the operator can configure in many ways and make adjustments/changes on the fly. It’s a real time online system. When the system is set up at an operator, the system will be loaded with data and definitions of routes, capacity of vehicles per route and subroute per hour, and the rules for booking.

Solutions is a suite of applications based on .Net and SQL DB. It’s web-based and a true online system and can be accessed by any internet device- smartphone, PC or vehicle /IOT.

End user apps
  • Book a time slot

  • Car sharing

  • Membership

Admin apps
  • Operations Management

  • CRM

  • Statistics/reports

  • Payment - on site and online

  • Cashless Payment

  • Scanning of license plates

  • Consulting

  • Training and Implementation

  • Hosting 

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Tel: +45 29485968

Bisp Peders vej 8, 2830 Virum, Denmark

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